TomboyX, LezVolley new official sponsor in 2017!

The 2017 LezVolley tournament is only two weeks away, and the team is actively getting ready to serve lots of surprises to their players and visitors!

Among this year’s novelties, LezVolley is excited to introduce the TomboyX brand as one of their sponsors.

If you have not yet heard of them, TomboyX is an e-commerce company with a social mission to provide underwear that anyone can feel comfortable in. TomboyX lives by the human agenda, celebrating all people and encouraging us to be exactly, brazenly, no apologies who we were born to be.

The way they describe themselves is simple and straightforward: “We’re not for everybody, but we are for any body, no matter where they fall on the size or gender spectrum.”

Photo credit: TomboyX, Shena Lee


TomboyX and LezVolley

TomboyX is one of the tournament’s official sponsor this year. As a queer-owned, women-owned company, they are always looking for ways to support the LGBTQ community.

We thought the tournament sounded like a lot of fun and it is something our brand identified with,” says Gabrielle Goyette, creative associate at TomboyX.

For each of the players, TomboyX will be providing products for a day of beach fun, which includes TomboyX baseball caps and koozies. They are additionally providing 15% off coupon codes so that the ladies of LezVolley can try out the world’s most comfortable underwear!


Learn more about TomboyX story

From even its earliest days, TomboyX has been passionate about providing clothing options for communities that are underrepresented in fashion. TomboyX founders, Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, started the company with a button-up shirt design that complemented their no-frills, tomboy lifestyle. Customers loved the practical design and quickly began requesting boxer briefs for women.  Fran and Naomi worked closely with a designer to develop a boxer brief made to fit any body, no matter their pronoun or size.

Since it’s official ‘birth’ in 2013, TomboyX has grown to provide 6 different styles of boxers in a variety of eco-friendly fabrics for bodies XS-4X.

Photo credit: TomboyX, Shena Lee


LezVolley is excited to have TomboyX as one of their sponsors this year and is looking forward to introduce the brand to its players!


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