The legendary Stonewall Inn partners with LezVolley

2017 is a year full of surprises and accomplishments for the LezVolley brand! For the first time in six years, the women event introduces the legendary Stonewall Inn as a sponsor.

For those who still don’t know about the iconic bar and what it stands for, The Stonewall Inn represents Equality, Freedom, and LGBTQ rights. It is recognized around the globe as the site of the LGBTQ movement since the 1969 riots that marked the first Pride. The Stonewall Inn is also known around the world as the place to come-together in protest under unfair political climate, and also in celebration toward our progress as a community. The Stonewall Inn has been recognized as a national landmark in 2016.

Photo credit: The Stonewall Inn


Where did the partnership between LezVolley and The Stonewall Inn begin?

LezVolley is the brainchild of Danielle Stanziale and Kristine Bungay who are both hosting parties at The Stonewall Inn: in 2008, Danielle began Thursday night’s Anything Goes; Kristine then started Friday night’s Lesbo-a-gogo as host and DJ. The historic Stonewall Inn proved to be the perfect venue for both of these ladies and both nights continue to draw regulars and visitors from all over the world weekly.

After years of collaboration, The Stonewall Inn chose to sponsor Danielle and Kristine’s annual Volleyball tournament as they have similar values and relate to what the event stands for: giving back to the community.

We chose to sponsor LezVolley because it is a fun and positive event; it brings people together within our community,” says Mike Salinari, General Manager at The Stonewall Inn, who firmly believes the partnership with LezVolley will only grow in time.

Photo credit: LezVolley, photos by Liz Arocena


What are the big Stonewall events to watch for?

Besides the new partnership wth the LezVolley tournament that will take place on August 12th, The Stonewall Inn has many exciting news coming up!

The 50th anniversary of The Stonewall Inn and NYC Pride is coming up in 2019 and they we are working closely with NYCPride to make this the most exciting “Pride” yet.
Stonewall 50, also known as “World Pride” will welcome the world as we mark the 50th anniversary of The Stonewall uprising, and celebrate a half a century of progress for the LGBTQ liberation.

They have also just launched The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SGBI), a nonprofit charitable organization inspired by the struggles and ideals of the LGBTQ rights movement born out of the Stonewall Inn Uprising of 1969.
The Initiative is dedicated to providing educational, strategic, and financial assistance to grassroots organizations committed to advocacy for and crucial support to LGBTQ communities and individuals who suffer the indignities and fear arising from social intolerance here in the United States and around the world.

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LezVolley is looking forward to their growing partnership with The Stonewall Inn!

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