LezVolley is keeping its players caffeinated this year!

During the LezVolley tournament, the girls play for about 4 hours and offer great entertainment to the crowd that come to Fire Island to enjoy a fun summer day where they can be themselves.

This year, LezVolley is promising to keep its players energized all day!

If you are planning on participating to the tournament, you’ll get the chance to keep your energy level up! Whether you are looking for a quick and convenient energy on-the-go, or for a refreshing drinking experience, the LezVolley team will have something caffeinated for you, thanks to its two amazing new sponsors.

Two brands, two types of very different products and experience

HEYDAY has a line of refreshing cold brew naturally caffeinated and flavor forward drinking experience. Fair Trade, low in calories & lightly sweetened, HEYDAY is about celebrating the good times by bringing the third-wave coffee movement to a wider audience and inspiring millions of people to make healthier drinking decisions along the way. And it’s gluten free!


FORTO, an organic coffee shot made with Fair Trade coffee beans, delivers the caffeine of a large coffee in a 2-ounce ready-to-drink shot due to its 20 hour cold brewing process. They are on a mission of empowerment – enabling people to push their limits and do more of what they love, every day. And they have a dairy-free option with 0 calories & 0 sugar!


Both product lines are organic and delicious and the LezVolley team is excited for everyone to try and love both brands!


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Last year marked the highest registration rate since the event started in 2011, and this year is expected to be even bigger.

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