COOLA helps LezVolley keep the fun sun-protected

If you have been to the LezVolley tournament before, you know that the games and overall atmosphere of the day are so entertaining that you tend to forget to apply sunscreen… and protect your skin from the beautiful sun of Fire Island!

This year, to prevent sunburns, the LezVolley team will be providing the players with sunscreen from the COOLA brand, who is donating samples for everyone that signed up for the tournament.

“Volleyball players need sun protection”, says Jai Manatt, Marketing Coordinator at COOLA Suncare, “and we love helping great causes, especially around fitness and community!”


About the COOLA brand

COOLA makes healthy sunscreen that people love to wear! They choose the most innovative, scientifically advanced ingredients that are also as natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced as can be.

The SPF 30 Matte Tint sunscreen samples that COOLA is providing for LezVolley 2018 contain mattifying mineral sunscreen with antioxidant benefits that delivers lightweight hydration, helps reduce shine, and gives the skin a fresh-looking hint of coverage. We’re looking forward to trying it out!


coffee-lezvolleyLezVolley is also keeping the players caffeinated

The brands HEYDAY and FORTO are supporting the event by providing free coffee drinks to all the players!

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