Partnering with brands is great, but partnering with good brands is much better!

Every year, LezVolley provides water, energy bars, and snacks to the players to help them perform all day without crashing.

This year, the event is proud to announce its partnership with Garuka Bars®, the only energy bar company that not only uses 100% recyclable packaging, but also donates 1% of all profit to help protect endangered mountain gorillas. Because partnering with brands is great, but partnering with good brands is much better!


What we love about Garuka Bars®

1. The bars are hand-made (yes, hand-made!) from simple, wholesome ingredients you can pronounce, like roasted peanuts, whole grain flakes, dried cranberries, and raw honey from Vermont.

2. The company helps to restore the mountain gorillas’ chance at a better future by donating a percentage of their profit to support mountain gorilla conservation effort. And we love a company with a purpose!

3. They are the only energy bar using 100% consumer recyclable packaging. Oh, and did we mention that they are also hand-packaged, too? That’s dedication.


Not to mention that eating one Garuka bar will provide you with great pre‐exercise energy for your volleyball games – and it’s no secret your body performs better on real food ingredients than it does artificial and synthetic ones!

We’ve tried it!

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t serve anything to our players during our Volleyball tournament on Fire Island without trying it ourselves!

Danielle, co-founder of LezVolley, discovered the Garuka Bars® through a friend and couldn’t believe how natural and tasty they were. She felt like more people should know about them and asked the Garuka Bars® brand if they would like to partner with the LezVolley tournament so she could help them get their brand out there. Mike, the founder, generously accepted to donate over a hundred bars to the players!

We brought one of these Garuka Bars® to one of our volleyball practice session to see what the fuss is all about – and we were not disappointed!


Chewy and tasty, our only regret was that we only had one! Now we are all set for a great tournament in August, with free healthy and yummy energy bars for everyone. Thanks, Garuka Bars®!


coffee-lezvolleyLezVolley is also keeping the players caffeinated

The brands HEYDAY and FORTO are supporting the event by providing free coffee drinks to all the players!

stickersSticker Giveaway

The team will be giving away LezVolley stickers during the tournament to everyone who is following them on social media!

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