Interview with Rachael, creator of Design by Valentine

LezVolley will be partnering with Design by Valentine this year, giving everyone attending the tournament an opportunity to get a LezVolley shirt with a Design by Valentine customized cut. We interviewed Rachael, the creator, to understand her brand, and how the partnership came to be.

Can you tell us about Design by Valentine and how you came up with the idea?

Design by Valentine was born while bartending on Fire Island, 6 years ago. In my first summer working full time at Cherry’s on the Bay, I lived with co-workers in staff housing. We would wallow about the heat and how we couldn’t escape it, especially at work under the tent, in our staff T-shirt’s. Being a fashionista and living with some incredibly talented friends and drag queens, we began experimenting cutting our T-shirt’s not only for style, but for ventilation on the hottest of summer days. A small customization made such a difference that I cut every one of my T-shirt’s, even ones for everyday wear. Over the years, I rather enjoyed cutting coworkers and some beloved bar guests’ shirts, and decided to try and take it to the next level.

What is the connection between Design by Valentine and LezVolley?

Although my designs were getting very popular amongst my friends and inner circle, I struggled with bringing my customization to the wider public. As I attended last year’s LezVolley tournament, I started cutting shirts impromptu for spectators and players on the beach and it was such a hit! I knew this was something I needed to share with the LezVolley girls and bring to this year’s event. And the idea of partnering with LezVolley was born!

Rachael cutting shirts on the beach at the 2017 LezVolley tournament.

So, what are you going to do for LezVolley this year?

This year, I will be at the LezVolley tent selling the shirts and offering to customize them! I will be cutting two styles of shirts and will adjust the design to fit any size and body types:

  • The “Quick Fix” offers a simple and trendy cut that is targeted on ventilation and comfort.
  • The “Lady Ladder” offers a more sophisticated design with a a ladder-like knotting in the back of the shirt to cinch in the sides for a tighter fit and a more exposed back (to add to the ventilation).


How can you be reached if we love your designs and have a particular shirt we would like you to cut?

Feel free to email me about future customizations at and hashtag us on social media #DesignbyValentine.

And of course, you will see me on Fire Island at the LezVolley tent all day on August 11th! We hope you enjoy the day! Stay cool ladies!


Photos from the LezVolley X Design by Valentine photoshoot

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