PLAY OUT will give away free undies to the LezVolley winning team

Every year, the team that wins the LezVolley tournament takes home various prizes. This year, in addition to the usual prizes, LezVolley is partnering with PLAY OUT Underwear to also provide one free pair of undies to each player of the winning team, as an extra competitive incentive.

PLAY OUT (a line of gender-free underwear) is all about comfortable fit, high quality fabric, one-of-a-kind graphic prints, and bold colorways – and we can’t wait for the winners to get their pair!

Images: Courtesy of PLAY OUT Underwear

What you should know about PLAY OUT Underwear

Dissatisfied with the styles and colors available on the market, the founders of Play Out Underwear wanted to create an alternative to the pastel, lacy and flowery panties and to make underwear with colors and graphics to appeal to all genders.

Pointing to their androgynous and gender-inclusive styling, the brand has had people of all gender presentations and identifications wear all styles of underwear; the only difference between their flat-fronted styles and their pouch-fronted styles is that the pouch-front offers extra space so that they are able to offer underwear for every body type.

They have received tremendous support from the lesbian, gay and transgender community and want to push the boundaries of the androgynous aesthetic – by bringing it into the mainstream underwear spotlight.

What more to know? The LezVolley team loves them!

Photos from the LezVolley X PLAY OUT photoshoot



coffee-lezvolleyLezVolley is also keeping the players caffeinated

The brands HEYDAY and FORTO are supporting the event by providing free coffee drinks to all the players!

DesignbyValentineLove the cut shirts from the shoot?

They are made by Design by Valentine, and the creator is also partnering with LezVolley this year! Read more about where to get yours!

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