Package Deal to travel to Cherry Grove, Fire Island

Happening in August, the LezVolley weekend is one of the most popular weekend on Cherry Grove, Fire Island.

Whether you are going for a week or for a day, you always have to figure out how to get there. And if you are looking to keep the cost down, you are reading the right article!

Every year from May 26th to September 3rd, the MTA has a special package deal that includes the train, shuttle (also called colonial taxi), and ferry rides at a discounted price (up to 40% off)!.

How to get to Cherry Grove, Fire Island

  • STEP 1: Take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to the Sayville station.
  • STEP 2: Take the Shuttle to the Sayville Ferry.
  • STEP 3: Take the Ferry to Cherry Grove, Fire Island.

In summer, trains are fast and frequent and take you to Sayville. Shuttles await the train at Sayville and transfer guests to the ferry dock. Ferries are also frequent and take guests to Cherry Grove in 20 minutes.

(Download the Cherry Grove map here.) 


FIRead the detailed direction to Fire Island!

Click here for directions (and maps) that will help you get to Cherry Grove, whether you are driving or taking public transportation.

What is the MTA special package deal and what is the cost

The MTA package (Cherry Grove Beach Gateway Deal) includes the three below items:

  • One roundtrip LIRR train ticket to and from Sayville Station
  • One roundtrip Shuttle Voucher (to go from the Sayville train station to the Ferry to Cherry Grove)
  • One roundtrip Ferry Voucher
Taking the train from NYC or Brooklyn Taking the train from Jamaica station
Package deal cost: $40.25 Package deal cost: $39.75
Peak* regular cost: $67.5
($27.25 savings)
Peak* regular cost: $49.5
($9.75 savings)
Off-Peak* regular cost: $56.5
($16.25 savings)
Off-Peak* regular cost: $43.5
($3.75 savings)
* These are estimates (updated in July 2019).
* Click here to learn about the difference between Peak and Off-Peak.
WARNING: The package stubs are subject to same day use – although they typically let people use them the next day – are not valid Fridays after 5:30 PM.
Fire Island Ferry docked on Cherry Grove

How to buy the special package deal tickets

You can buy the package deals at the train station by using a Gray, Green or Blue Ticket Machines (not available at the Red, Daily Ticket Machines),

  1. Select “Deals & Getaways
  2. Select “Beach Getaways” and choose the Cherry Grove package
  3. All machines accept credit and debit cards; Gray and Green machines also accept cash.
  4. See here for more information on buying tickets.

Enjoy the discount, and see you all on Fire Island!

Danielle (co-owner of LezVolley) waiting for the Cherry Grove ferry

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