LezVolley presents the Love, Shea Award – 1st Edition

The 9th Annual LezVolley Tournament will take place on Saturday, August 17 in Cherry Grove, Fire island and we are proud to make a very special announcement to our fans and visitors:

We are launching the Love, Shea Award.

The Love, Shea Award will celebrate the life of Shea Carmen Swan, a talented photographer and beloved friend who passed away on October 22, 2018. Shea was part of the LezVolley family and played on the Stonewall team; she is missed everyday by her teammates and friends.



Shea and some of her LezVolley friends

Spectators will be encouraged to vote for their favorite team during the tournament and the fan-favorite team will receive symbolic “Love, Shea” branded volleyballs to bring home.

Love, Shea Volleyball

Participation is simple: at any time during the games, go to the LezVolley tent and ask to vote for your favorite team – each person get one vote. Right before the semi-finals, we will announce which team gathered the more votes and will award the Love,Shea volleyballs to the winning team to bring home.

This award is sponsored by Shea Carmen Swan’s family.


Inscribed on Shea’s memorial are these words: “If no one told you they love you today… I love you”. This highlights the importance of never missing an opportunity to genuinely say I Love You!