Garuka Bar, the healthy and eco-friendly brand that feeds our players

If you attended the 2018 LezVolley tournament, you probably remember the delicious and healthy snack bars provided by Garuka Bars® to all of our players.


This year again, Garuka Bars® is keeping our players fueled and energized on the courts and will be donating 200 of their original bars, to our players delight!
Not only are these bars healthy, tasty, and eco-friendly (100% recyclable, for real) but they also contribute to the International Gorilla Conservation Program to help protect endangered mountain gorillas.

“The latest update of The IUCN Red List brings hope for the Mountain Gorilla, which has improved in status from Critically Endangered to Endangered thanks to collaborative conservation efforts across country boundaries and positive engagement from communities living around the Mountain Gorilla habitat.”

– International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The population increase is attributed to intensive conservation action from scientists, NGOs, and governments, and Garuka Bars®, who donates 1% of all profits to support these conservation efforts, contributed to that success.

LezVolley is proud to count Garuka Bars® as a partner for the second year in a row and we encourage everyone to try their bars and support their cause! Everyone likes a good brand with a purpose!