Forto helps the LezVolley players to keep their energy level up!

The girls who participate in the LezVolley tournament always want to make sure their energy level is through the roof so they can get through the games at their best (and maybe play all the way to the final!)

FORTO, the ready-to-drink coffee shot that kept the LezVolley players caffeinated last year is back for a second year of partnership! FORTO has the energy of two cups of coffee in a 2-ounce shot that’s perfect for in between matches. It gives you fast energy, which you can feel kicking in right away. Plus, it’s organic and tastes great.

LezVolley 2018

FORTO has had a busy year and their success makes us very happy – and proud to call them partners!

In November last year, they launched a partnership with brands like Donut Shop, Gevalia, Green Mountain, and Krispy Kreme to produce a line of coffee shots with energy from some of the most-loved coffees.


If this doesn’t make you try it, we are not sure what will! Check inside your Team Welcome Package to get your FORTO coffee shots!