Ladies behind LezVolley

LezVolley is the brainchild of Danielle Stanziale and Kristine Bungay who first worked together in 2004 when Danielle and Hana started GirlNation, a weekly Saturday night women’s party. Kristine was quickly added to the team serving as bartender, DJ, and marketing consultant for GirlNation, which would go on to be one of the longest running girl parties in NYC.

In 2008, Danielle broke off and began Thursday night’s “Anything Goes” at the legendary Stonewall Inn, with Kristine joining as the bartender. Danielle also started her annual Gay Pride party with Pier Pressure, exhibiting a knack for creating successful events. This same year, Kristine bartended Stonewall’s 1st annual Pride Sunday under Kurt Kelly’s (the owner of Stonewall) new management. The historic Stonewall proved to be the perfect venue for both of these ladies. Kristine then started Friday night’s “Lesbo-a-gogo” at Stonewall doing double duty as host and DJ, where she still keeps the energy high and dance floor packed. Both Stonewall nights continue to draw regulars and visitors from all over the world weekly.


In 2011, Danielle and Kristine started brainstorming about helping Cherry Grove to stay the number one vacation spot for LGBT women, as they saw the attendance decrease. Drawn to the fitness world, they decided to launch a sporting event that would bring the community together: LezVolley was born. In June 2011 with 12 teams braving Hurricane conditions to compete, it quickly proved to be a day that everyone can enjoy from being a competitor to cheering on your favorite team or a favorite player.

In 2012 the tournament was moved to the second Saturday in August where it has grown in the size of participants and in the size of those who enjoy watching the play, soaking up the sun and dancing at the always jamming after party.

Every year, the LezVolley event attracts more and more players. The tournament pumped up to 24 teams over the past 8 years and in 2018, the crowd reached over 500 people.

With Danielle and Kristine continuously working on making the event better year after year, LezVolley will continue to grow in team participation and those who come to enjoy the day and after party.

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